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It’s a handy app to have in your writer’s toolkit right along with your dictionary and favorite word processor. Check out Grammar App HD here. 8. iA Writer Have you ever heard that the key to good writing is focus? It’s true. iA Writer lets you focus without any distractions. In fact, it was designed to eliminate distractions entirely, so nothing stands between you and getting those brilliant sentences onto the page. iA Writer creates a writing environment that is noise-free with zero distractions. No spelling checkers. No auto-correction. No toolbars. only when you need them. A Writer also offers pleasing typography that is easy on the eyes, and has.

A nice feature called “reading time” which lets you know how long it will take to read your text. This Germany Phone Number List handy little tool also syncs up with your DropBox account if you have one. You can check out iA Writer here. Making Mobile Writing Happen All of these apps are great for brilliant writing. But there is one more thing … If you are going to be building your writer’s toolkit using apps and a mobile device (let’s assume an iPad), then you need to have a good way to actually, you know, write. While you can train yourself to use touch screens, they’re just not recommended for long periods of composing. I would recommend that you invest in a keyboard and a stand. There are literally hundreds of products out there but I use the Apple Keyboard Dock and it serves my purpose well.

You can also get a Bluetooth keyboard and a separate stand. What do you have in your mobile writing toolkit? Let us know about your favorites in the comments.What makes one website highly persuasive and engaging, while others are ignored or quickly abandoned? If you took a poll asking your site visitors what’s missing from your site, they might not even be able to articulate it. And that’s exactly the point. What influences us isn’t necessarily at our conscious level of experience. Today, we’ll discuss the 6 elements of a web experience that make a difference at a deep psychological level. My guest is Dr. Susan Weinschenk, a Ph.D. in psychology and an expert in the field of influential digital design. She’s the author of Neuro Web Design: What Makes Them Click and the excellent companion blog.