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The rainbow may be as old as light itself, but it doesn’t have to be predictable or traditional. Poster design consisting of a rainbow Design by Winston Elliott via Dribbble Gay pride rainbow design Logo design by Carra Sykes via Dribbble Rainbow brush stroke pattern Design by Sorina Bogiu via Dribbble Bet all on the colors of the rainbow — Many of the above tips are aimed at toning down the rainbow, which is necessary to make it work in some design projects. But the boldness of the rainbow is often its best feature, and the reason why it has become the symbol of the marginalized, the underdog, and the decidedly original.

Sometimes the best way to photo retouching service harness the rainbow is to give it its full force in your project. That said, this approach works best in situations where you don’t need a single element (like CTAs) to stand out since the composition as a whole will be strong. (such as shape, texture, and depth) to keep your rainbow vibrant yet surprising. When creating a design using the full force of the rainbow, fear not, but know that there are other options too. Gay pride rainbow poster design Design by Gui Zamarioli via Dribbble Rainbow LGBT poster illustration Design by Jennifer Hood via Dribbble Rainbow logo design for an illustrator Logo design by » 60s style psychedelic colorful album cover Design by krlegend An abstract rainbow design Design by Vaieel via Dribbble.

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Check out Vaieel’s 30 days of Pride art. gay pride rainbow gif Design by Squid&Pig via Dribbble Make your rainbow design shine — Just as there are many colors in the rainbow, there are many, many ways to interpret the rainbow in design, far more than the ones I’ve listed in this article. The rainbow is so rich in color and symbolism that it would be doing you a disservice to avoid its design potential. Even though its colors can be intimidating, amazing things tend to happen when designers are faced with a challenge. As mystical as it was thousands of years ago, you could say today’s designers have made the rainbow more magical than ever.