Gone are the days of prioritizing desktop

Building a website on Strikingly gives you access to a wide selection of responsive website templates. Our mobile-friendly templates help reach more people. traffic from a particular website. Since the number of mobile users is increasing every day, you should give them the same degree of importance. 2. Subscriptions subscription payment Image by Strikingly One of the go-to marketing methods that never go out of style is email marketing , and your “coming soon” landing page plays an important role in this technique. It helps you build an email list even before your business gets popular. The special thing about this email list is that it contains all the email addresses of people who trusted your business idea. All you need to do is add a subscribe button to your website’s landing page to be able to harvest these addresses.

Il se sur le temps Even if you provide limited information about your coming soon home page template, make sure the date and time are present. By providing this information, you will make it easy for customers to understand where they need to be during the launch period. It also means that there is a high chance that e-commerce image manipulation service sales on your website will be successful. By having a launch label and a good reputation, you will have the opportunity to attract other people. Good reputation can also play a role in advertising your new product or business activity. Usually, companies use these landing pages for their new product launches as part of their integrated marketing strategy. They include timers and even use some quotes to give their customers an idea of ​​their product which is coming soon. This means that they run their promotions based on a particular branded webpage or ad. 4. Ranking in Google SEO Image by Strikingly If you want to create a website, then you need to create a coming soon homepage so that it will be visited frequently.

If your landing page is visited many times, it will be an important factor for your ranking in Google . Once your website is launched, a high Google ranking will allow you to appear in the automatic form of advertising. The Strikingly team says that to make your mark in the digital world, you need to work hard on your Google rankings. This ranking helps you determine whether your website or landing page can be considered effective or not. As an SEO expert, you need to do thorough keyword research. The latter are expressions used in search engines to obtain information on a specific subject. It’s not always good to use a commonly used keyword because it will be extremely competitive and difficult to rank for. Conclusion Strikingly Registration Image by Strikingly Don’t have an e-commerce website yet? Waste no time and create one on Strikingly . When creating a website, we will provide you with outstanding templates for your coming soon homepage to make your platform attractive and welcoming.