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Misplaced keywords give hiccups to the readers and can be really annoying. For instance, if a reader is looking for information, and the keyword stuffing leads him to a page with no relevant information, it will eventually increase the page’s bounce rate. Choose keywords wisely, and infuse them in your content adequately to make the most out of it. 2: Webpage Speed Having a webpage that takes forever to load can pull the ranking down on Google’s Search Engine Result Page. You have experienced it yourself. If a page takes longer to load, you simply skip and move to the other page sharing the same information. Readers are like predators looking for the right content to prey on.

They don’t have the time to wait, and they intend to feed their knowledge’s appetite, whatever comes first. There is apparently no reason to wait Brazil Phone Number Data when there are millions of the other pages serving the same information. Your webpage needs to be faster, with a user-friendly interface. 37% of the visitors leave your webpage if it takes 5 seconds to load, which can alleviate your conversion rate by 7%. Having these stats in mind, you would never want your page loading speed to be slow. Related Article : How to Optimize Website for Voice Search in 2021 3: Poor-Quality Content You can examine this point with your own reading tendencies when navigating through different web pages to find a piece of information.

For instance, some readers look at the content structure at first glance, and they simply go with the contents having more subtitles and their subdivisions over a plain piece of content delivered in paragraphs. Relevancy of the content is the other important thing that adds great value to the content. It means content must answer a real question or help users with a flaming issue. It should be comprehensive and devoid of the lines/paragraphs that add no value to the content. Avoid the practice of writing content just for the sake of writing something. Content is referred to as the King on the Internet; provided, you treat it akin. Furthermore, writing spellbinding content can attract more audiences and keep them occupied until the intent is fulfilled.