Just trace their web at the bottom of your texts

The most important thing is to offer something new to see, like a wink for Internet users. Read also: Halloween: 5 graphic tips for your emails! Adopt terrifying fonts FREE DOWNLOAD) You’ve chosen your fonts carefully and that’s fine. But if, for the days surrounding the Halloween party, you opt for titles with typographies that set the mood ? Whether it’s the title of a blog post or a sentence on a social media post, a Creepster typeface is sure to catch the eye. Be careful not to write too long a text with these fonts: they quickly become unreadable! Stick to headings, subheadings, or brief passages, just to leave a different impression.

This can also be an opportunity photo retouching service to offer dedicated content, whether it’s a text that creates a link between the party and your products, or a particular visual in the same spirit. If soft drinks can do it, you can do it! Also read: Halloween: 5 original marketing ideas to stand out Even if it means being on the web, don’t forget the spider See the Pen Halloween Animation in Pure CSS by Rachel Bull( rachel_web ) on CodePen You will certainly remember that World Wide Web is an English expression which means “global spider’s web”. The Halloween period is ideal for bringing these little spiders out of the corners where you have forgotten them.

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They can wander around your page when scrolling orImagine a final line that is adorned at its end with a spider’s web, and you are already dusting off the concept! Read also: Halloween: 50 free icons and fonts to download Offer spooky promotions! Go even further in your animation around this event. Offer dedicated promotions for the end of October with a particular dressing: an orange headband and a pumpkin may be enough to show that you are adopting the Halloween spirit! Why not offer a colorized and exceptional version of your favorite product? Also showcase it in a slightly different newsletter template (some mail servers offer special layouts at this time of year.