Online Shop Marketplace and E-commerce What's the Difference

Online Shop Marketplace and E-Commerce: What’s the Difference? With the development of technology and the various facilities provided by the internet, many sales and purchase transactions are also carried out online. Maybe you often hear the terms online shop, marketplace, and e-commerce. Actually, what is the difference? Before knowing the difference between the marketplace, online shop, and e-commerce, first know what each means: Marketplace Marketplace is a website that connects a seller with a buyer via the internet.

One of the first marketplaces in the world to popularize marketplaces is eBay. Released in 1995, this website makes the sales UK Phone Number Data process easier and more efficient. Two decades later, we see that the marketplace has grown a lot and now you can find marketplaces for everything from used goods to food. Contact Sales 1 Want to know more about website creation, social media branding and ads management? Contact us. In Indonesia itself, marketplaces have become some of the most successful startups in Indonesia, and have even reached unicorn statuses like Tokopedia and Bukalapak.

Marketplace actually has a concept similar to traditional markets. Basically, the marketplace provides a place for those who want to sell on their website. Then the marketplace will bring up the selling items when there are potential buyers who do a search. If the prospective buyer really wants to buy the goods, they can make payments through the marketplace itself. What is different from traditional markets is that a seller does not need to pay rent to get a place in the marketplace. This is of course one of the attractions of the marketplace.