Photography is due to the monopolistic dinosaurs

Photograph myself because it pleases me but mainly because I believe that the peculiarity of photography is such that you cannot teach it if you do not apply it. Besides these I like and it is fair to expose myself to the eyes of my students. I organize exhibitions to motivate my students out of a strange complacency I consider them my students even after the end of my seminars. And I never include my own photos in them. With my activities I contributed to the creation of a photographic audience limited it is true but incomparably larger and more qualified than in the past. Nothing else. And if some good photographers came out of my classes it’s reasonable to assume they would have anyway.

Significant that contrary to the usually unjust rumours several of them were more e-commerce photo editing fascinated by the art market and officehunting than by my own taught views. I therefore do not feel that my hug at least is suffocating. I follow the Greek photography stuff and I have to admit that I disagree more often than I agree with them. Something that happens to me in general about Greek and nonphotographic things. Of course no one asks my opinion and unfortunately sometimes I felt that I had to give it anyway. I completely disagreed with the National Policy what a title indeed even though I should have known it wouldn’t be implemented. I disagreed with Skopelos wrong place and wrong conception but I think that since it happened it is good to help her.


Photography I wrote it long before it was founded but again since it’s done let’s keep it. I do not agree with the assessment of the distribution of state funds but it is better to share even slightly wrongly than not to share at all. The months of photography Athens and Thessaloniki certainly have their weaknesses but it’s good that they happen. And of course I agree with Nikos Xydakis that there is an excessive accumulation of responsibilities often even exclusive in the same persons just as I also agree that those who deal with the public should also open up to persons outside the photographic field. However I do not believe that any evil demon if we accept that it exists of Greek of my age. At least some of them along with their perhaps excessive ambition and tendency for exclusives also had a love for Photography perhaps even an attraction for the commons.