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It is simply a gift. The above seven tools are the most frequently used keyword generation tools by Jack. You can use them according to your own needs. Below is the framework of this article and the map of these tools to help you better understanding of these tools. If you need a PDF of the article structure mind map, please private message me on WeChat. Brand accounts on IG use a variety of art forms to post, not just to follow the trend. The collage can combine multiple photos, and it is convenient to display multiple product angles and functions in one picture.

You can also add borders for a scrapbook-style recap of events, aggregate multiple snippets for merchandise guides, and more. There are already a variety of free image processing apps, and these operations are not troublesome. The most important thing is how creative you are. P1 How to Make a Puzzle on Instagram The following is the hand-in-hand feeding teaching 1 Post in feed Maybe everyone already Egypt Phone Number List knows this~ Download and open Layout (an App owned by Instagram). Click on the images you want to include, to select up to nine. A checkmark appears next to the selected image. Choose a layout from the top of the screen. Tap on any image to edit it. Blue handles for resizing. Each image can be mirrored or flipped. A suitable border can also be added if desired. Click Save.

The Instagram layout only offers basic editing features. If the photo needs complex manipulation, make sure to edit it first and save it to your camera roll. 2 posted in story Not many people know this Open Instagram. Tap the camera icon in the upper left corner, or swipe right. Take a photo. Open the Pen Tool. Second from the top right, the curved line icon. Choose a background color. Press and hold on the image until the color fills the image (the one taken above is covered). Click Finish. Leave Instagram and go to Camera Roll. Select the photos you want to add, and select Duplicate.