Strikingly lets you do this bulk mailing

One method of integration is to integrate Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn feeds, while another is to include share or like buttons in the footer. Remember to add a subscription linkon the home page. This will allow readers of your design magazine to receive news and updates regarding your publication. Although most online publications are web-based, consider making some available by subscription. If your magazine’s content is delivered directly to their inbox, readers with full-time jobs may find it more accessible. You can send the magazine to your reader as a PDF or as a web link as soon as a new edition is ready. from a custom domain email address with a single click. 5. Start posting content No design magazine can be considered “truly operational” until it has started publishing content online.

Depending on how often your magazine publishes, the urgency of creating content varies. Publish your design magazine with a unique website URL once a month or a week, depending on how often your image manipulation service magazines are published. You can also include a neat catalog with release dates and thumbnail images. This will make it easier for your readers to skim through the issues and open the one they want to read. 6. Monetize your magazine website Strikingly subscription Image by Strikingly It is not easy for everyone to create digital magazines. As a digital publisher, you have many opportunities to monetize your publications . Google AdSense is one of the most commonly used methods. Getting funding and ads is easy when you partner with Strikingly. By following simple steps, you can integrate Google AdSense into your magazine website.

Once you’ve established your AdSense connection, your readers will start seeing relevant ads every time they visit your site or read one of your articles. You can easily place the AdSense code in the appropriate places regardless of the design magazine article template you choose. Strikingly also lets you create your own personalized ads. You can use photos and URLs to make them into buttons. Conclusion We’ve looked in this blog post at some of the top design magazines that every graphic designer should read and subscribe to. These are world-famous magazines that focus on the latest design trends. These posts offer insight into how graphic designers can be inspired to be more creative. You can always find articles and blogs about visual design trends and topics on the internet.