That makes social sharing a great signal for a search engine

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at this point, here’s the breakdown: Choose a few possible keywords to start your research Determine the popularity and competition score of each of your keywords Discover (and research) other related keywords Check the trending data on your keyword (is it trending up or down over time?) Do some research on how your keyword is being used in the conversations that are happening on social networks Take a deep breath, look at your final research results, and choose the keyword(s) you want to target for your site That’s it! Now it’s your turn to go through the steps of this keyword research process for your particular topic.

Whether you’re writing about philippines photo editor kickboxing, guinea pig care, dental hygiene, or professional organizing, this keyword research process can work for you, with just a little work, patience, and skill.Google was founded on a simple principle — some web pages are more important than others. How is that importance quantified? Ideally, it’s based on the fact that people think that page satisfies their questions about the topic better than other pages. Google changed the face of search technology by evaluating a web page’s importance by the links that pointed at it, both in sheer number and by how much Google trusted the sites those links came from. But the web has changed radically since 1998.

While plenty of people can start a website or blog and link to things they like, the majority of people vote for things they like via social media sharing. to use … but Twitter and Facebook are not exactly cooperating with Google. And until recently, the web page itself — and not the writer — was still the central part of the story. The beginnings of Author Rank Google has always acknowledged that great writers create great content — and better content would result in better search results for end users (an important business objective for Google). One of the natural ways to encourage the creation of more great content is to reward the writer.