The photographer is no longer confronted

The simultaneous and parallel study of the same photograph in black and white and color version reveals their particular identity and possibly overturns established beliefs. One of them wanted color photography to be more visual perhaps because of its apparent affinity with the colors of painting or the preference shown by galleries for it or finally because of the gaudy color exaggerations adopted by some early colorists. However color photography as more realistic than black and white has a closer relationship with capturing the real and a much greater narrative capacity than black and white. Which in turn through the abstraction composed by its monochromatic surfaces and its stylized volumes lends itself much more to distorting operations on the part of the photographer which logically makes it more visual than color.

An attempt to intervene through digital processing in both easily convinces that color resists interventions while black and white almost craves them. And conversely a blackandwhite photograph almost never ends up as it was taken while a color one is rarely far from its original form. The above thoughts are not intended to impose new doctrines e-commerce photo editing in place of the old ones but to give a richer content to the very important second stage of the photographic process when with life but with photography. That is when his inner world tries to creatively process the surprise of the previous contact with the outside world. The variety of options offered by digital technology and among them color and blackandwhite occupy an important place combined with the increased need for creative thinking and judgment will help him arrive at a more complex and more conscious result.


The new digital revolution in photography is sure to shake up the waters. And every time the waters are troubled art awakens from the lethargy of the familiar and the safety of the trodden. The most distinctive change brought about by the digital frenzy is the standard abolition of black and white photography. Until then the issue seemed to be resolved with the choice of black and white or color film. Digital photography however is always and by its nature in color. The photographer has the option afterwards to keep the color in his photo or to eliminate it by replacing it with black and white tones. This is without a doubt a luxury that we once could not even dream of a luxury that multiplies creative options.