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What if you don’t use a swipe file correctly? Uh-oh … Your copy doesn’t hold the attention of your reader The language annoys your target market It makes you look unprofessional If you want to skip these problems, and get the best benefits from using your swipe file, read on … When ‘swiping’ killer copy kills your own promotion Successful marketing materials can run for years using the same copy. So it makes sense to study those pieces that have stood the test of time. Unfortunately, simply lifting words and phrases for your own marketing can have a detrimental effect. promotion and compelling copy is just one piece of the puzzle.

If you simply use someone else’s style philippines photo editor without understanding why they’re doing it that way, you might find that it won’t work at all. It also means you’re missing the true gold of using a good swipe file: learning to master the craft of copywriting. So here’s what you need to do: 1. Know your audience thermometer The first rule of copywriting is knowing your audience. One style of copy will not persuade all readers. Let’s say you look through your swipe file and find a successful promotion for a high-intensity work-out program. You decide to use the copy to help you sell computer software to the medical industry … If you want an extraordinary ERP system for your healthcare institution, you have got to go to the extreme.

You’ve got to be prepared to bring it, work it and find out who you really are. If you’re seeing other hospitals and clinics showing off their ripped business processes, they’re probably already using our ERP system. It’s probably not going to cut it. So the first thing to do is to gauge the style of copy your customers actually respond to best. Or as I call it, figuring out your audience thermometer, simply meaning, how ‘hot’ can you go with your copy … Cool If your customers are a straight talking, no-nonsense kind of crowd, think twice before copying the style of a high-energy promotion like the one above. Think lots of facts, figures, and plenty of proof.