Validates and collects feedback on product flows design

This mockup is therefore particularly useful for representing your ideas and then discussing them with your team members and clients. Used well, wireframing can thus become the vector of inspiring and inspired discussions. Not to mention that it is also a very practical tool to support the work of designers and developers, before moving on to a higher quality deliverable. 8. Study user behavior The user and his way of interacting with the product are a continuous source of inspiration. It continues to be so even when the service or product is published.

Indeed, UX design must constantly photo retouching service be updated in order to meet the changing needs of the user. To achieve this, different methods of analysis are possible. To begin with, a product cannot be launched without first being tested. User testing in the form of one-on-one interviews and functionality. During this step, feel free to offer alternative versions of your product to different users. By comparing the results obtained, it will be easier for you to determine which of your versions performs better. Visually representing the user’s path to perform a task in the product provides a relevant view of site organization. In particular, this makes it easy to identify the steps that could be improved or redesigned.

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But this map of the consumer journey also allows designers to define their motivations and needs at each stage, and thus helps them to create design solutions adapted to each. Once the product is launched, the use of metric analysis tools (like Google Analytic) allows you to understand how your users interact with the product (clicks, browsing time, queries, etc.). The quantitative survey is a relatively inexpensive way to help you measure user satisfaction. The comments of the latter can, again, focus on the aspects of your UX design to improve. Finally, log studies collect data from users over time.