Whistleblowers say Microsoft is involved in bribery around the world

Former Microsoft manager Yasser Elabd stated that Microsoft fired him after he warned management about a workplace where employees are regularly bribed . He further alleges that his attempts to raise his concerns led to retaliation within Microsoft by a manager and his eventual termination. PCPress.rs Image Microsoft allegedly had affairs with state leaders Elabd claims to have worked for Microsoft between 1998 and 2018 and oversaw a business investment fund in the Middle East and Africa. He became suspicious of unusual payments to seemingly unqualified partners.

The former Microsoft manager cited several examples Vietnam Phone Number Data of suspicious transactions he witnessed during two decades of working for the company abroad. In one audit, Microsoft gave the Saudi Ministry of Interior a $13.6 million rebate that never reached the agency’s door. In 2015, a Nigerian official complained that the government had paid $5.5 million for licenses for hardware they did not own. In another example, the Ministry of Education of Qatar paid $9.5 million, over a period of seven years.

for Microsoft Office and Windows licenses that remained unused . Auditors later discovered that the agency’s employees did not even have access to computers. Elabd claims that his attempts to warn managers resulted in one manager yelling at him. After he was fired, Elabd wrote that he submitted his documentation to the Ministry of Justice, which refused to take over his case.